3D printing in food processing

The food industry has been forced to innovate as a result of recent improvements in production techniques in order to remain competitive in the market. Using 3D food printing, food products may be produced that are uniform in terms of shape, colour, flavour, texture, and even nutrition. Three-dimensional (3D) printing holds great promise for enhancing the production of food products, streamlining the supply chain more and more, and boosting the use of food-grade components. The authors evaluated recently published reviews and determined that the extrusion-based type merited more literature synthesis in order to better grasp the current position of 3D food printing in terms of offering food engineering solutions with customizable design. Therefore, we examined the potentials of 3D extrusion-based printing to address problems in food processing in this perspective study. The principles of extrusion processes, food printer and printing enhancement, (extrusion) food systems, algorithm development, and related food rheological properties were discussed. They also discussed the evolving trends of 3D food printing technologies.

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